Golf Range Alterations | Horsham Golf
Golf Range Alterations

From Monday 20th May our range will be shut for 2 weeks – this is for essential alterations to the range fencing and upgrades to the range bays.

We have taken the decision to alter the perimeter range netting to stop the loss of balls from the range area, we believe this is the best course of action in order to retain our golf range facilities here at Horsham Golf.

To prevent balls leaving the range area, we will be restricting ball flight so that all shots are contained. Our range will be restricted to 50m in length and we will also install a roof net.

Although restricted in length, we will continue to invest in our range and in the ball hitting environment so that you can continue to enjoy and improve your golf swing and game.

We are currently in discussion with a number of ‘ball flight technology’ providers who offer software that tracks and analyses ball and club data. We believe this partnership will see Horsham Golf remain at the forefront of developing and improving golfers with a new, modern and exciting way to practise your golf effectively.

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